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Floral Fantastic

23 June 2022

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The Landguard Nature Reserve is blooming again, as our wonderful botanical species come into flower.

From shingle loving Yellow horned-poppies to the bee's favourite of Viper's-bugloss.

We took these pictures on Wednesday 22 June 2022... so how many of these can you spot on your next visit to the Landguard Nature Reserve?

On your visit please be aware that some vegetation in the shingle and grassland is not resistant to trampling - and heavily trodden areas can lose all of their vegetation. Please also stay outside any fenced off areas and view the floral displays from a safe distance.


Biting stonecrop - Common poppy - Viper's-bugloss - St John's wort

Biting stonecropCommon poppyViper's-buglossSt John's wort

Dog rose - English stonecrop - Ladys bedstraw - Opium poppy

Dog roseEnglish stonecropLadys bedstrawOpium poppy

Scarlet pimpernel - Narrow leafed ragwort - Common mallow - Yellow horned-poppy

Scarlet pimpernelNarrow leafed ragwortCommon mallowYellow horned-poppy