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New Learning Area at Nature Reserve

24 May 2022

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This spring marked the completion of our new learning area. Situated on the riverside of the Nature Reserve. The new area will be used by visiting schools and groups such as cubs and beavers to learn more about wildlife and habitats onsite.

Landguard Nature Reserve's New Learning Area - Before

The area today looks quite different to that of just a year ago...

With the help of volunteer's, the space was cleared, and the fencing extended, then structures built, and the area dressed with shingle.

Where possible materials found onsite were reused or recycled, for example, the old plastic boardwalk was reused to create features such as a raised pond, benches, planters, seashore treasure pit and decking area. Over 450 pieces of plastic boardwalk and 1800 screws were reused during the construction.

Additionally, to highlight the problem of plastic in nature, particularly in our waters, materials were collected from Felixstowe beaches and recycled to create some colourful artwork, which now forms the basis of our 'Stop the tide of plastic' learning session.

Materials collected and incorporated into the artwork include 80+ metres of fishing rope, bailing twine and strapping, 4 pieces of fishing net, 2 tarpaulins, 19 toys, 3 shoes, 1 ice cube tray, 1 toilet brush, 3 shower puffs, 1 roller blind, 4 net bags, 6 bottles, 7 bottle lids and 2 metres of rope floats all comprised of plastic.

Landguard Nature Reserve's New Learning Area - AfterFunding was used to purchase bird boxes, cameras, bee homes, plants, paints, learning materials and much more and facilitated the commission of willow sculptures by local artist, Tracey Barritt-Brown, who also donated 'Dotty the Octopus' which is displayed in a boat provided by Stephen Read of Felixstowe Ferry.

The creation of this space would not have been possible without the assistance of funding, donations and time from the Harwich Haven Authority, the Rotary Club of Felixstowe, local contributors (Adam Farnworth, Jess Cooper, Richard and Jenny Bugg, Fred and Will) and the dedicated team of Landguard volunteers.

Thanks to all of those involved, we were recently able to welcome and host Year 4 students from Colneis Junior School. The children expressed how much they enjoyed the experience, and we look forward to welcoming many more.

Please contact to find out more and to arrange future visits.