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Landguard Fort

Discover the rich military and maritime heritage of Landguard Fort, one of England's best preserved coastal defences, with a history spanning almost 450 years.

It is also the site of the last opposed seaborne invasion of England in 1667, and the first land battle of the Royal Marines.

The current Grade I listed Fort was built in the 18th C. with substantial additional 19th-20th C. outside batteries. It was continuously occupied through both World Wars and up until 1956.


Experience the dramatic story of this important fortification - with a maze of rooms, tunnels and passageways, panoramic views of Harwich Haven, informative displays and audio visuals, guided tours, special events and re-enactments. Landguard Fort offers something for all ages and interests.


Things to Do
  • See and hear the awesome power of the Victorian artillery - with WWI and WWII infantry and anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Experience what life was like for the men in the Fort from the 17th C. to Victorian, through two world wars and after.
  • Explore the prison cell, tunnels, magazines and lighting passages where the gunpowder and shells were kept.
  • See the secret control room for the defence of the East Coast against a Soviet attack from the sea.
  • Take in the re-enactment of the Dutch invasion of 1667, or the engrossing film of the Fort's fascinating history.
  • Landguard Voices: listen to oral recordings of those who served at the Fort.
  • Feel a shiver down your spine with tales of the ghosts who haunt the Fort today.

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